Mobile Web Design

We Create Mobile Web Design That Works For You

Statistics show that more than 40% of visitors access websites using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. To ensure smooth operation, there must be no glitches, and all elements must be arranged in the most optimal way. Besides, the general appearance matters too. All these aspects present a challenge when a client assigns us with the task of mobile web development. And we are happy to have a chance to demonstrate to you how well-thought out our works are.

In order to be considered a success, a mobile web design is supposed to be characterized by the following:

  • Clean layout. Mobile phones differ, so it must be taken into account when developing a web design for mobile versions. Design24 studio always strives to present you with a layout that is easy to navigate and well-arranged, otherwise your website visitors may face issues while using the pages.
  • Attractive colour scheme. Mobile does not mean boring. A mobile website design can be beautiful despite its lack of sophisticated effects, and it is achieved by an elaborated style added to your pages.
  • User-friendliness. Mobile devices require a design that is quick to respond to touch screen actions and does not imply abundance of visual effects that hinder the website operation. Besides, all elements must be easily accessible, so that a user would not wait for a long time for some banner to load. The less traffic visitors spend on browsing your pages, the better.

All in all, developing a mobile web design is always a quest for an optimal combination of attractive website appearance and its convenience in use. If you want your mobile version to meet all the above mentioned requirements, delegate the development of it to Design24. You can also check our works published in the portfolio section. Let the mobile version of your website be no worse than the full-scale one - it will bring more flexibility to your audience and benefit the general impression of your website.