Design24 offers you SEO services that will bring your website closer to your clients. As a result, the conversion rate will increase, as well as your sales.

In Calgary, SEO services are no less popular than web development, so our company is dedicated to both creating websites from scratch and enhancing already existing ones. Cooperation with Design24 is beneficial, because the advantages of working with us include the following:

• White hat SEO. Design24 can make your website hit the Google top list by means of white hat SEO. That’s right - our company does not use any ways of enhancing the website popularity that are considered inappropriate by search engines. It means there won’t be any penalties, because everything is legal and clear.

• Great results. We take your tasks very seriously, so each case is handled with great care. We analyze every aspect of the project and come up with a solution that enhances your website positions in the most effective way.

• Reliability. We value our reputation, so each client is our favorite one. With Design24, you can be sure your ideas will be implemented in the best way possible, and your website will be easy for clients to find.

SEO marketing is an essential part of website promotion. In most cases it’s not enough to just create good pages - you must also bring your project to the audience, and Design24 can manage all the stages of website development, including arranging a promotional campaign, website audit, and providing other SEO services that ensure top results.

We can provide you with unique content, optimize your website work, promote it using various channels, and use other legal means of turning your project into a place everyone can easily find. Contact us to discuss the SEO services you need and calculate the cost of your project. Design24 is a Calgary company, but we will be happy to increase the conversion of your website wherever you are.


Web marketing is the key to attracting attention to your new (or already existing) website. Design24 can manage a promotional campaign for your project that can feature a lot of aspects, such as the following:



• Unique content writing

• Marketing by means of social media

• Social Media Optimization

• E-mail marketing, etc.

Website marketing implies elaboration of certain techniques that will help you tell the audience about your project, its advantages and benefits, and turn mere visitors into clients. Unique content writing is one of the common ways of promoting a website: every website’s goal is to provide relevant and useful information, so writing appropriate articles is important. It is crucial to make the content not only search-engine friendly, but also interesting for readers. Otherwise the campaign could fail to work.

Yet marketing implies more than that: among the main aspects are advertising websites using links, banners, videos, and other means of delivering your message to the target audience. It is no accident the word ‘target’ is used here, as a good promotional campaign must always consider who is supposed to be your client.

Design24 is an Internet marketing company that provides services which cover all stages of the development of a website – from its initial design, to management of promotional campaigns. This means the process will be seamless, as all steps are handled by the same Design24 team.

We can create a wide range of products for making your website popular - from texts and videos, to ad campaigns and e-mail direct marketing. To discuss what method of advertising you want to use, contact us using the information stated on the corresponding page and we will be happy to provide you with details on all stages of our cooperation.

Still waiting for your customers to visit your website? Experiencing low conversion rate? Design24 knows what to do in such cases.

There are plenty of ways to increase small business sales. The key to success is making your website easily accessible and useful. To achieve these goals, Design24 can do the following:

• SEO. Regardless of whether your website has just been developed or it is a long-established one, SEO can help enhance it by publishing the right content that will make the pages more attractive for customers, making the website itself more search-engine-friendly, so that it could hit the top of the SE lists.

• Online marketing and advertising. SMM is another way to reach your target audience. Social media have become a powerful tool that enables you to present your products directly to your customers and gather feedback on your services.

• Email ads, outdoor ads, etc. If prospective clients encounter your ads while watching TV or using public transport, the impression your company makes on them gets better, as it means the product or company the ad represents is reliable. There are dozens of ways to promote your services, including email letters, banners, in-game ads, brochures, etc. Design24 is ready to present your product at any place, be it outdoors, indoors or digital.

Design24 knows how to increase sales - we offer a set of services that are dedicated to increasing product awareness and promoting brands. As a result, the conversion rate (i.e. the number of website visitors that take some actions while visiting your pages, say, place an order) also increases, and so do your revenues.

As to SEO services, Design24 uses only white hat SEO techniques, so working with us is not just convenient and effective - it is also safe for your website. Contact us to discuss with our manager what measures need to be taken to increase your sales.

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