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When a client visits your website, the first thing that draws his or her attention is the landing page, the color scheme and the convenience with which he or she can access the information or feature he’s looking for. In other words, his first impression depends on the website design. That is the main reason why developing a web design is one of the key stages of creating a website. Unattractive design makes your client want to hit the exit button and try another link.

Design24 offers you high quality web design services. To ensure the best experience for your client while browsing your website, its design must be characterized by the following set of features:

• Harmonious color scheme. Few will venture to use a website that has forbidden color combinations, for example purple text on green background. Developing a web design that corresponds to the subject to which it is dedicated, implies choosing a color palette that would not distract your visitors’ attention and help others understand how reliable your company is.

• Mobile friendliness. Having a website that looks good and works well both when accessed via a PC and mobile devices means you can have more clients, as more flexibility is an advantage.

• Convenience. All elements of a website must be arranged in such a way so that finding the needed button or section could be easy. Making your website user-friendly is one of the key goals when developing a page.

Design24 is a Calgary website design company has enough experience to implement any of your ideas. The projects for which we have created web designs are listed below - take a look at these samples of our work and see for yourself that your task will be done with appropriate care and creativity.

To order web design in Calgary, contact us using any of the communication means available on the website. We are always happy to participate in the development of your projects.


Statistics show that more than 40% of visitors access websites using mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. To ensure smooth operation, there must be no glitches, and all elements must be arranged in the most optimal way. Besides, the general appearance matters too. All these aspects present a challenge when a client assigns us with the task of mobile web development. And we are happy to have a chance to demonstrate to you how well-thought out our works are.

In order to be considered a success, a mobile web design is supposed to be characterized by the following:

• Clean layout. Mobile phones differ, so it must be taken into account when developing a web design for mobile versions. Design24 studio always strives to present you with a layout that is easy to navigate and well-arranged, otherwise your website visitors may face issues while using the pages.

• Attractive colour scheme. Mobile does not mean boring. A mobile website design can be beautiful despite its lack of sophisticated effects, and it is achieved by an elaborated style added to your pages.

• User-friendliness. Mobile devices require a design that is quick to respond to touch screen actions and does not imply abundance of visual effects that hinder the website operation. Besides, all elements must be easily accessible, so that a user would not wait for a long time for some banner to load. The less traffic visitors spend on browsing your pages, the better.

All in all, developing a mobile web design is always a quest for an optimal combination of attractive website appearance and its convenience in use. If you want your mobile version to meet all the above mentioned requirements, delegate the development of it to Design24. You can also check our works published in the portfolio section. Let the mobile version of your website be no worse than the full-scale one - it will bring more flexibility to your audience and benefit the general impression of your website.


Design24 develops design for pages that have various purposes, and one of the common website types is e-stores - a place where you can both present your product and sell it. We offer design for various ecommerce solutions, since online trading is not limited to e-stores. You can rely on us regardless of what you need to develop, for instance, a design for your e-shop, online money transfer system, subscription section, etc.

There are several milestones that each ecommerce website design needs, namely the following:

• Well-thought arrangement. You must ensure your clients will not face troubles when looking for the cart, various options and features integrated in the system, and proceeding to checkout must also be clear. In other words, it must be convenient for your visitors to use your ecommerce website.

• High quality look. This type of websites requires high quality design, because each company that is involved in the trading process must have a page that represents its reliability. Few clients will venture to buy products from a company that has a poorly-designed website (unless there is no choice, of course). So it is a must to let your customers enjoy browsing your pages.

• Mobile-friendliness. Many clients prefer to access websites using mobile devices, so it is highly recommended to develop a design that would look good both when using a PC or a smartphone.

Besides, in case of Design24, ecommerce development is not limited to e-stores - mobile application design is no less important. Many companies that run web stores also develop apps to make the process of browsing goods and buying more convenient. Mobile ecommerce apps also require elaborated design, so whatever your creative task is, we will be glad to participate in your project

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