Willing to be an owner of a flawless web page? Get one characterized by creative design, various modules and innovative technologies which make clients’ experience better.

Web page development knows no limits, since a variety of tools and techniques are usually utilized by the Design24 team to ensure errorless operation and user friendliness. If still wondering what a web development process implies, we’ll describe you the way it’s done upon your contacting us and sharing with us what your project needs.

Project elaboration is by no means a breeze or an easy task to accomplish. The common development scheme means close cooperation with the person ordering a website, so what we need to create a page that meets your expectations is your (!) opinion.

The stages are made up of the following:

• Initial discussion. You choose us as a team and delegate the fuss of website development to our experts. At this stage, you are to share your view on what the general aim of the page that needs to be developed is, what the goals are, what certain modules and elements you’d like it to feature, etc.

• Project development. Next, we design layouts, code modules and make the whole thing work. We consult you, and if you feel that you want some element to be altered, that’s a good moment to ask us to change this or that thing.

• Testing. If any bugs are revealed or tweaks are needed, we make the pages fully functional and ensure completeness of all elements. If some aspects of the project need changing, we add the finishing touches to it.

• Launching. When the time comes to launch the website, we manage the server you plan to use, and you can start enjoying your own web development masterpiece!

• Maintenance. Web page development does not end with launching. There’s a possibility you’ll want to add new features, and here’s when we can come to the rescue again! Maintenance is also among the priorities after launching a web project.

So, there’s nothing difficult in getting a web page capable of representing an organization, person, company, project or whatever else on the Net. Just share your task with Design24 so that we could handle it and accept the challenge for a reasonable price!