We loved working with Terrrrrific face painting, their services are a must for any parent that’s looking to throw their young ones an outstanding party!

This project was a fun one to take on, as it’s pretty rare that we get to work on a project that deals with entertainment for kids. However when we were approached by Terrrrrific face painting with a request to do a website for their party services, we were excited to see what we can do to help make a site that helps parents go through the process of organizing a party, and ensure that the kids get an awesome party that they’ll cherish for a long time. We wanted to include pictures, graphics, and logo design that depicted all kinds of fun activities such as face painting, magic, and other things to really inspire the imagination of the party planner. Once we got started, it was easy to whip up some designs that brought us back to our own childhood and the things that we used to enjoy.

A site like this is great because it can really help catalyze the party planning process for the parents, which takes a significant amount of stress out of the process and actually allows it to be more enjoyable for everyone involved. The ideas that the folks at Terrrrrific face painting had for their face painting and party planning services were very helpful, and we were happy to have been able to help get their message across and to get the kids excited by letting them see the kinds of parties that they were able to experience.

Everyone likes a good party, and to be able to plan one where everyone is involved it quite fulfilling. We used all of our best resources to create the graphics and imagery that would really paint a picture of the possibilities for the parties. We also worked hard on the textual components of the site, making sure that we communicated clearly all the stuff that was possible for these parties, and that this text was optimized so everyone in the area would be exposed to this great company first and foremost!

We had a lot of fun making this site, and we’re proud to say that we helped this kid friendly company get the boost they deserved.