In this post we talk about the pleasures of working with A24, an expert home renovation company based in Calgary.

Some of our crew at Design24 has personally had experience in working in home renovations, as well as being clients for these companies, so when we got the call to do a website for this local Calgary house renovations company, we were really excited to get started. We instantly recognized all of the typical home renovation services that the folks at A24 offered, such as basement development, painting services, roofing, electrical services, windows and doors, HVAC service, etc. After we’d gotten in touch with them we began building them a website that we wish we had access to when we had our own renovation projects that we needed to be taken on.

The thing about home renovations is that a lot of the time your clientele are not very familiar with many of the processes of terminologies that come with their project. This can be a quite the hurdle to overcome for any business, house renovation companies included. We were excited at the prospect of being able to design a site which would help A24 reassure its clientele base that it takes the time to communicate with their clientele, and provide transparent quotes and outlines for their various renovation projects, ranging from windows and doors to appliance repair services.

The value of a great renovation is something that’s not lost on our team, as our experiences with the good and the bad in terms of Calgary house renovations had given us an appreciation for what it takes to really knock it out of the park. We saw that A24 was one of those companies that really cared about what they accomplished, and as a result we were able to conjure up a site that really reflected their skill sets. We used various pictures and graphics of their work, as well as wrote SEO optimized content so they could get the most out of the web searches they would attract. The work we did has helped their company get a boost in their marketing, and has led to an increased amount of happy clientele who have reaped the benefits of their work!