Looking For Website Specialist: Quest Is Over

None of the challenges of creating a website can be overcome with ease unless you have a reliable team to develop your pages. Get a website unique in its style and convenient in its content.

A website specialist reminds of a fox: he’s difficult to find and cease to need in case you want to have a website developed. Hiring a team of website specialists is a task even more difficult.

Design24 is ready to accomplish all your tasks related to website development and can be considered a reliable company, because:

• Few web development specialists have enough experience to implement ideas regardless of complexity. We do.

• Few teams offer flexible terms and pricing plans. We do.

• Few companies have the willingness to handle all stages of implementing a project. We do.

All these traits manifest our competitiveness and readiness for serving you as a devoted team of code-lovers eager to challenge their skills.

We utilize a variety of tools while turning ideas into solutions. Our specialists in web development are capable of employing a set of techniques and methods which enable us to code and design various elements, modules and projects.

A true website specialist is characterized by:

• Excellent skills. A dev must have enough experience and knowledge to implement complex multi-staged projects;

• Reliability. Devotedness to your work and the willingness to do everything right are essential traits of any person, and web devs are no exception.

• Willingness to learn. A person who lacks the alacrity to learn is a person worth feeling sorry for. A good specialist knows he knows nothing and continues studying all the time to enhance his tools with new methods and coding hints.

Design24 employs true experts who love their jobs and seek to improve every aspect of the project being implemented.

If you find yourself in need of a good web developer, contact us and have the right person on your side. If the whole team is too much and all you need is a couple of tweaks made to your pages, we still can lend you a hand.

Refresh your website, eliminate errors, or develop a page from scratch with Design24.



In this post we talk about the pleasures of working with A24, an expert home renovation company based in Calgary.

Some of our crew at Design24 has personally had experience in working in home renovations, as well as being clients for these companies, so when we got the call to do a website for this local Calgary house renovations company, we were really excited to get started. We instantly recognized all of the typical home renovation services that the folks at A24 offered, such as basement development, painting services, roofing, electrical services, windows and doors, HVAC service, etc. After we’d gotten in touch with them we began building them a website that we wish we had access to when we had our own renovation projects that we needed to be taken on.

The thing about home renovations is that a lot of the time your clientele are not very familiar with many of the processes of terminologies that come with their project. This can be a quite the hurdle to overcome for any business, house renovation companies included. We were excited at the prospect of being able to design a site which would help A24 reassure its clientele base that it takes the time to communicate with their clientele, and provide transparent quotes and outlines for their various renovation projects, ranging from windows and doors to appliance repair services.

The value of a great renovation is something that’s not lost on our team, as our experiences with the good and the bad in terms of Calgary house renovations had given us an appreciation for what it takes to really knock it out of the park. We saw that A24 was one of those companies that really cared about what they accomplished, and as a result we were able to conjure up a site that really reflected their skill sets. We used various pictures and graphics of their work, as well as wrote SEO optimized content so they could get the most out of the web searches they would attract. The work we did has helped their company get a boost in their marketing, and has led to an increased amount of happy clientele who have reaped the benefits of their work!


Ecommerce Website Development: Aiming At Perfection

Ecommerce is a kind of business that implies representation on the Internet; otherwise, your project may be a failure. Get the best option and use your own e-store or other ecommerce-related website.

Running a business is a challenge for everyone, but it’s easier to handle it if you’ve got an optimized and functional website.

Our team aims at providing high-level ecommerce website development services. We are sure a good page related to commerce must be characterized by:

• Creative design. No page is attractive to prospective users if it’s a tedious task to navigate it, the overall look is dull, and the layout is poorly developed. We help you avoid all these issues.

• A logo that correlates with the idea of your business. Logo development is another aspect that’s not to be neglected, as it affects the way your website is seen by visitors. We develop ecommerce website logos which meet all your and the market’s requirements.

The above mentioned points are related to design only. Of course, other aspects, such as functionality and mobile-friendliness are a must too, and we stick to the comprehensive approach, thus ensuring you get a well-elaborated solution.

Ecommerce website development is widely represented on the Internet, but only using a comprehensive approach enables a web studio to offer really optimized and quality pages. We at Design24 strive to be good at ecommerce-related development services that are demanded by most business owners, since having a website means reaching out to a larger audience.

When developing ecommerce design, we suggest adding several features that are necessary for e-shops, such as:

• Cart.

• Filters.

• Requests.

• Reviews.

These elements are essential, since no ecommerce design is complete without the above mentioned functions, because they add convenience and flexibility, thus enhancing the user’s experience.

Design24 - Aspiring To More!

We try to use the most innovative technologies which help our team create high-tech ecommerce web pages. Our experts aspire to improving their skills and learn new methods of development so that you could get a product worth being praised.


Just As Prescribed: Website Medical Design Challenge

So you made up your mind to establish your own medical company or run a project related to this field. No doubt, you will need website medical design which would be both stylish and user-friendly. The development of such a thing can be a tedious and challenging task, especially if you have no clue how to handle it. Instead of spending time on achieving a decent solution on your own, delegate the fuss to our experts.

Developing Medical Web Design: Why Design24

• You get the kind of design that really fits the purpose of a medical website: it can be both minimalistic and functional, or opt for a more elaborated design, say, “healthy-looking” or some other custom style of your choice. Actually, if a page is related to medicine, it does not mean it must be white or boring to look at: regardless of theme, we provide creative design which benefits your projects;

• We create layouts that are easy to use and navigate, which is important as medical web pages often feature a lot of diverse information;

• Flexible pricing on design development. Creating medical-themed design implies elaboration of various elements and aspects, and all the stages are discussed to ensure you get timely reports and enjoy our transparent pricing policy.

36.6 Design: The Optimal Solution

Get the design for a medical website that reaches the audience by offering them a convenient solution. Design24 can provide you with unique graphic elements for your custom design, and develop certain modules and layouts that meet your requirements.

We believe that a good medical website has the following features:

• It’s stylish;

• It’s characterized by easy navigation;

• It’s functional;

• It’s diverse.

The latter is also important, as the information posted on this kind of websites often varies from images to books and slide shows, so design must correlate with these aims.

Contact us and see how Design24 can help you develop a medical website design effortlessly.



We loved working with Terrrrrific face painting, their services are a must for any parent that’s looking to throw their young ones an outstanding party!

This project was a fun one to take on, as it’s pretty rare that we get to work on a project that deals with entertainment for kids. However when we were approached by Terrrrrific face painting with a request to do a website for their party services, we were excited to see what we can do to help make a site that helps parents go through the process of organizing a party, and ensure that the kids get an awesome party that they’ll cherish for a long time. We wanted to include pictures, graphics, and logo design that depicted all kinds of fun activities such as face painting, magic, and other things to really inspire the imagination of the party planner. Once we got started, it was easy to whip up some designs that brought us back to our own childhood and the things that we used to enjoy.

A site like this is great because it can really help catalyze the party planning process for the parents, which takes a significant amount of stress out of the process and actually allows it to be more enjoyable for everyone involved. The ideas that the folks at Terrrrrific face painting had for their face painting and party planning services were very helpful, and we were happy to have been able to help get their message across and to get the kids excited by letting them see the kinds of parties that they were able to experience.

Everyone likes a good party, and to be able to plan one where everyone is involved it quite fulfilling. We used all of our best resources to create the graphics and imagery that would really paint a picture of the possibilities for the parties. We also worked hard on the textual components of the site, making sure that we communicated clearly all the stuff that was possible for these parties, and that this text was optimized so everyone in the area would be exposed to this great company first and foremost!

We had a lot of fun making this site, and we’re proud to say that we helped this kid friendly company get the boost they deserved.


Web Page Development: When Development Serves Business

Willing to be an owner of a flawless web page? Get one characterized by creative design, various modules and innovative technologies which make clients’ experience better.

Web page development knows no limits, since a variety of tools and techniques are usually utilized by the Design24 team to ensure errorless operation and user friendliness. If still wondering what a web development process implies, we’ll describe you the way it’s done upon your contacting us and sharing with us what your project needs.

Project elaboration is by no means a breeze or an easy task to accomplish. The common development scheme means close cooperation with the person ordering a website, so what we need to create a page that meets your expectations is your (!) opinion.

The stages are made up of the following:

• Initial discussion. You choose us as a team and delegate the fuss of website development to our experts. At this stage, you are to share your view on what the general aim of the page that needs to be developed is, what the goals are, what certain modules and elements you’d like it to feature, etc.

• Project development. Next, we design layouts, code modules and make the whole thing work. We consult you, and if you feel that you want some element to be altered, that’s a good moment to ask us to change this or that thing.

• Testing. If any bugs are revealed or tweaks are needed, we make the pages fully functional and ensure completeness of all elements. If some aspects of the project need changing, we add the finishing touches to it.

• Launching. When the time comes to launch the website, we manage the server you plan to use, and you can start enjoying your own web development masterpiece!

• Maintenance. Web page development does not end with launching. There’s a possibility you’ll want to add new features, and here’s when we can come to the rescue again! Maintenance is also among the priorities after launching a web project.

So, there’s nothing difficult in getting a web page capable of representing an organization, person, company, project or whatever else on the Net. Just share your task with Design24 so that we could handle it and accept the challenge for a reasonable price!


Design24 Web Developers To The Rescue!

Get a reliable solution within the set term and enjoy the website of your dreams. Different modules, custom design and mobile-friendliness.

Still stuck and don’t know whom to hire to ensure the team will comprise of excellent web developers? Seek for the quest solution no longer - that’s the place you need.

Design24 develops web projects of various complexity and is capable of elaborating any idea utilizing the skills of our web developers with extensive experience.

Though tasks may vary, we always strive to accomplish them with excellence and ensure your satisfaction. If at a loss and cannot decide which company to choose, hesitate no more - contact us to get a website worth being proud of.

Whatever your creative project implies, we can handle the following for you:

• E-store development.

• Personal website.

• Portal development.

• Other kinds of pages.

If you happen to need just a couple of things related to your project to be elaborated, here’s the list of other services:

Web design development.

• Module development.

• Layout development.

• Logo development.

• Forum development,

• Etc. So, as a web developing team, we aim at enhancing our skills and capabilities to implement new methods, means of programming and techniques to ensure error-free, smooth operation.

Developing web pages implies a comprehensive process involving multiple departments, so your project will be handled by several people, each of which is an expert in his field.

Customer feedback is what makes cooperation fruitful, so you’ll evaluate all preliminary results and thus take part in the development process.

Web development FAQ

Q: How do I order a website?

A: Write to us to make a call. Just tell us about the project and specify the details.

Q: What does it cost?

A: The cost depends on the project complexity and terms, so our manager will calculate the price after thorough discussing.

Q: I live outside the city you’re in, can I order a website?

A: Sure! Wherever you live, Design24 is ready to carry out the implementation of your project.


Dental Web Design: When Showing Teeth Is Not An Option

Eager to get a page for a dental company? Adding a bunch of teeth pics into the layout is not enough: thorough elaboration and user friendliness are what you need. Get a website worth using!

Still believe dental web design is limited to placing teeth pics all over the place? Let Design24 assure you the capabilities are way better.

A dentistry-related portal is a challenge worth taking. It must feature a lot of options, such as news blocks, schedules, articles, registration, making appointments, publishing videos, etc. All these must be provided with an appropriate design.

• Get more clients due to interesting and appealing design.

• Add useful options to ease the process of using your website, making appointments and seeing when a particular doctor is available.

• Tell your clients about your company, offer them discounts and manage news.

A dental company website is a must to have, since few patients choose to make appointments by coming to the dentist’s or calling - it’s more convenient to have enough time think over the options. Besides, your clients will have an opportunity to learn about the pricing plans available.

So, what a dental page design must be characterized with?

• Elaborated design. In most cases minimalistic design is what fits dental websites best. A few teeth here and there aren’t enough, since all elements of a layout must be developed with regard to the page specialization.

• User-friendliness. A mere user must be able to make out how to make an appointment or use other features with ease.

• Feature-richness. Having a lot of tools to manage your dental business is an advantage, so the more diverse features your page has, the better it is both for the client and for the owning company.

To get one, contact Design24, a team including members with extensive experience in coding and designing and utilizing innovative approaches to ensure smooth operation and flawless experience for users.

Flexible pricing plans, feedback collection, expertise, transparency and creativity are the things which make Design24 a company worth delegating the challenge of creating a dental website to!

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