Logo Design is a face of the company, its business card, the main identifier of competitors, so the creation of the logo and its design must be rigorously verified, and the logo itself memorable, readable and easily correlated with those kind of products or the direction of the company it represents. All this should be in the logo and as a result of your company and you pay off the money spent.

Logo design by our studio Design24 will help solve a number of marketing tasks, save the money spent on advertising, to improve awareness and well-being company.

Logo design should be handled by professionals, because it is not such an easy job as it might seem at first glance. The logo design has a serious force. It lies in the recognition. Successful, attractive, uncluttered logo just as the face of a famous actor, who plays a positive character in the movies: he is widely known, trusted and he is out of competition. Qualitatively designed logo will give your business a significant boost.

Also we are experts in all type of graphic design: 3D design, web design and print design.

Design24 provides services in Calgary, Canada and World Wide.


Website Redesign At Its Best: From Drab To Creative

Is your page characterized by dull design which fails to seem impressive to your clients? Have it redesigned to make it manifest reliability and expertise.

Website redesign is no challenge if you contact Design24 to specify what task you have for us. Sometimes the time comes to update page design, because:

• It shapes the way customers perceive your company;

• It helps create a unique brand image;

• It helps convey the message your clients are supposed to get.

Your design may have been developed by a skilled person, yet still be outdated now, as new features and standards emerge which require website owners to carry out website redesign to correspond to the trends prevailing in the industry.

Why Design24

• We redesign websites with account to modern website ‘fashion’ and features common on the Internet;

• Our pricing policy remains transparent;

• The development process is handled by several team members to ensure quality;

• We stick to the cooperation-with-the-client policy, thus facilitating your controlling our work and our implementation of the client’s ideas.

Wondering how to redesign a website by means of your alacrity alone? Contact Design24 instead, as this way you won’t waste time trying to master the designing and programming skills within a week (while they take years to master!).

You may wonder how you can assess your page to determine whether it needs redesigning. Here’re a couple of tips: • Think about whether it’s convenient in use; • Evaluate the efficiency and use of it (does it contain relevant information that’s arranged properly?); • Appearance matters, so imagine how your clients see the page or ask them for feedback. Redesigning Websites With Design24: A Guide • Contact us. See our managers at work! • Specify the task. Going into details is crucial, as the more we know about your project, the better. • Get the offer. Not just any offer, but the offer that implies elaboration and creativity. • Wait for the result. • Done! Your redesigning challenge is waiting to be accepted by our team, don’t let it wait in vain - call us to have the job done properly.


Get A Solution That Boosts Your Project: Create A Website With Us

Having a website is essential for business running, as few companies venture to the market without proper representation on the Internet. Have one developed for you in a breeze!

The need to create a website arises upon business starting, and no campaign is complete without one. Design24 is a development team capable of implementing your project website regardless of complexity.

Creating a website does take effort, but you can delegate the tedious task to our experts. Instead of handling the process yourself, have Design24 on your side to get a page that can help you achieve all your project goals.

• Contact us, specify your need, the modules and style which you prefer;

• Get the offer which implies the best solution;

• Have the job done!

Cooperation with our team means transparent pricing policy, meeting deadlines, expertise and creativity.

What we offer

The variety of websites we make covers all the options you may need. Create a website worth showing within short terms!

• Landing pages. Website creation implies solving difficult issues, and even plain landing pages must be handled appropriately. Get a page that represents you best in no time!

• E-stores. One of the services characterized by stable demand, e-store development is crucial for business owners who intend to carry out online sales.

• Complicated projects. In case a radio portal or a game forum development is what you aspire to (or some other custom website), we can elaborate it and offer you a comprehensive development project covering design, programming and more.

Why Design24

• Design24 is a studio capable of creating a masterpiece website;

• Flexible pricing;

• Transparency - see how the job’s being done;

• Comprehensive approach - no need to hire other specialists, since we will handle all the stages.

Whatever the project you are aimed at is like, getting a website is a step further, as it brings convenience to your clients and ensures well-organized communication with them. Sell your products, collect feedback, provide quality services and more with a custom website that’s your best agent on the Internet.

Move on to the next level of representation and expand your project audience and abilities by ordering a custom solution made by Design24!



Print design, we mean graphic work in vector and raster formats for different purposes. For example banner ads for placement in newspapers and magazines, on the main boards and other media. Under the same category you can find booklets, brochures, catalogs, business cards, postcards, posters, albums, calendars, stickers, labels, flyers, leaflets, posters and any other illustrations. We can also develop advertising banners for websites.

Development of corporate identity

The basic elements of corporate identity are:

logo design;

• company letterhead;

• business cards;

web design;

• document folders and brochures;

• signs, banners and posters;

• car, truck or trailer wraps design;

• envelopes and more.

Style packages personalize our customers and allow them to submit promotional materials more effectively in comparison with competitors. Development of corporate identity and brand book design. Making logos necessarily imply clearance and guidance on its use (guidelines). It is performed at the end of the work to create a logo. The manual describes in detail the basic rules for using the logo: prescribed inversion and monochrome options, primary and secondary options for colors and layout. Our specialists also indicate corporate colors for CMYK, RGB and Pantone, create a rule of free.

Design24 provides services in Calgary, Canada and World Wide.



In this blog post we talked about an outstanding cleaning company by the name of Clean24 based out of Calgary. Contact them today for expert cleaning services!

As much as the crew at A24 loves a nice clean living and working space, we often have trouble doing it ourselves since we generally don’t have much experience in any sort of residential cleaning or commercial cleaning. When we found out that this organization which specializes in Calgary house cleaning services required our help in designing a site for them, we knew straight away that we wanted to do them a service by creating a fantastic looking site that really drives home their mission: helping people achieve the clean living and working space that they desire. We were all aware of the importance that a clean area can have on our home lives and work lives, so we understood the value of what Clean24 had offered and worked hard to ensure the site we made really drove home the importance of what they did.

People can be very particular when it comes to residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services, and rightfully so. They want the crew that comes in for their cleaning job to be meticulous, and clean the areas that they are designated to clean with utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Clientele requiring these services also like a cleaning crew that can do a wide arrange of clean ups, ranging from window cleaning to carpet cleaning, and everything in between. We worked hard to highlight these essentials for potential site visitors, so they could easily get an idea of what it is that Clean24 offers, and what kind of a job they do.

We also realized that communication is essential when dealing with cleanup crews, as they need to know where to go and where to stay away. We used the site as a medium to get this critical message across as well, to ensure potential clientele that this company values constant communication between both parties.

Overall, it was a successful project that has proved to be fruitful for both ourselves and Clean24. They’ve now seen their exposure to the Calgary market increase as a result of their new site. We’re happy to have been able to get their message out there for the folks in the YYC who need outstanding cleaning services.


Affordable Web Design Available To Anyone

Get a website which is offered at a reasonable price and characterized by features commonly seen in professional elaborated projects.

Few venture to create a web page on their own, as those who do rarely succeed. Web design development offers a range of challenges which can be overcome only if handled by experienced specialists of which the Design24 team comprises.

Affordable web design is something rarely seen but wanted by most clients. We at Design24 are proud to offer you:

• Flexible pricing. Transparency and stability are the two key features characterizing our price policy.

• Quality provided at a reasonable price. Regardless of complexity, each task is carried out with the same quality level maintained throughout the process.

• Advanced technologies. We strive to stay up-to-date and keep ourselves informed about the newest achievements of the researchers specializing in the programming field. That’s why our projects are elaborated using top notch methods and techniques.

Web design affordability matters, yet it doesn’t mean getting an affordable website implies poor performance of it or other issues. Don’t choose between quality and costs - with Design24, the combination’s just right.

Besides providing affordable web design services, we aim at enlarging our scope of work to ensure you can have all the aspects of your project elaborated at one place by the same people. Such an approach enables us (and you) to ensure seamless development and well-organized process implementation.

Contacting us means seeing that having a web page design developed at an affordable price is easy. Upon sending us a note or calling, you’ll be consulted and asked about the details of your project to calculate the costs. All aspects of work will be discussed, so we’ll always stay in touch with you.

Getting a well-designed page is what benefits your project, since it expands your audience and helps attract clients. With us, you can get a website worth showing anyone without piles of dollars spent.

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